Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, here we are, a full month into our adventure and the blog is finally making its debut. After several failed attempts, I've finally decided that a blog is a blog is a blog... Or, in my case, a bunch of photos coupled with my very own witty comments. Here is a glimpse of what we've seen, heard, tasted and photographed during our first 30 some odd days, beginning in New York and ending in Tarifa, Spain. Next stop...Barcelona!

We were looking for the bowling alley in Brooklyn
and found this crazy gallery instead. Happy accident.

The Ting Tings at Terminal 5, NYC. 

Big Ben. 

Everything in London is ¨charming...¨ 

Kids: Don´t try this at home...

All he had was a bucket of soapy water and
a shoestring. I could have watched it all day.


St. Paul´s Cathedral. We wanted to climb the
650 steps. We showed upon on Sunday. Fail...

Boat shoes. On a boat. On the Thames River.

Ceiling of skate park in London.

Streets of central London.


¨James Franco? Johnny Depp? Leo DiCaprio?
Boy band member?¨ And the list continues...

El Museo Reina Sofia.

Trumpet music and a siesta. Paradise.

I envied this guy. He had some mad face painting skills.

Splurging on the fine local cuisine.

Graffiti in Madrid.


A not so sneaky photo of the ¨guapo¨ beer boy...

One of the 6 murderers, er, matadors...

Beer. Bulls. "Blow" shades. Braydon couldn't be happier.

Plaza de Torros, Madrid.

Tarifa, Spain. A.K.A. kite surfers paradise.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

As the sign said, "Tarifa is the southest point in Spain."
Yes. Southest.

To your right, the Atlantic Ocean...

...and to your left, the Mediterranean Sea.

La Playa Chica, Tarifa, Spain.

View of Chefchaouen, Morocco.

A close up of the mountain village.
What you can't see, is the cell phone
in her other hand...seriously.

One of the hundreds of unique doors.

The village, bathed in blue.

Winding our way through the narrow alley-like streets.

The local "Jedi" of Chefchaouen.

Lanterns for sale.

At night, all of the blue walls turned purple.

Our incredibly cheap, yet amazing hotel.
Complete with balcony and view of the village.

Taking shelter from the rain in a Moroccan restaurant.
Amazing lamb kebab, lemon tart, and mint tea.

"Peanut man!" A popular stop during our stay.